ARMS Generates Cube Sheets for Inventories!

Close the gap between estimated and actual volume/cubic footage summaries

Aeolean’s mobile software suite ARMS™ is a fully configurable electronic document management / inventory and asset management system. Use ARMS to manage your documents, and create/manage inventories of assets you move for your clients, or inventories of high-value equipment for your business.

The ARMS server in the cloud and the ARMS mobile app on your smart device work in unison to manage your documents and generate/track your inventories electronically using secure and encrypted communications.

Generating a “cube sheet” for your current (not just estimated!) inventory with volume/cubic footage summaries and totals is a simple three step process:
  • ARMS server: Review and verify volume values for the inventory item drop-down selections, and change preferences to include cube sheets.
  • ARMS server: Create a job and assign it to your device.
  • Smart device: Open the job and create an electronic inventory by tagging objects. Generate the inventory document with a single button push.

That’s it! The electronic inventory generated both on the device and the server now includes an addendum with volume and cubic footage breakouts as desired.
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