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Which ARMS™ Product is Right for You?

Aeolean’s Asset Relocation Management System (ARMS) is a family of software products that combine mobile device data collection with secure cloud-based storage of item data.

Expense Management

Employees spend too much time preparing their expense reports. The ARMS system captures expense receipts for OCR processing, and maps expenses to corporate expense codes. Increase employee efficiency.[More...]

Fine Art Storage and Relocation
Keep tabs on the location and condition of fine art being warehoused and transported. Secure all collection related information in electronic format.[More...]

General Inventory Management
Manage equipment and product inventories. Use existing bar-coded / QR-coded information to identify equipment. Get a handle on your inventory.[More...]

Household Goods Relocation
Make the move towards a paperless organization. Collect move data for analysis and real-time status. Reduce insurance claims.[More...]

Product Cataloging
Use your smart mobile device to catalog and track books/CDs and other bar coded items. Scan in the bar code and fetch item descriptions (author, title etc). Simplify product cataloging.[More...]