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Fine Art Storage and Relocation

Keep tabs on the location and condition of fine art being warehoused and transported. Secure all collection related information in electronic format

  • maintain client/collection information on the Cloud-based ARMS server
  • push/pull data to/from ARMS server and corporate data servers
  • customized dropdown selections on device for art condition terminology
  • set up electronic documents to be pushed down to the device for signatures
  • augment artwork condition reports with custom text, speech, and images
  • tag wrapped artwork with QR, BarCode or custom tags
  • track artwork moving in and out of trucks and buildings
  • assign multiple devices to co-operate and work on the same collection
  • local database creation/storage on the device when communication to the server is spotty
  • generate and sign electronic inventories and condition reports on the device
  • email electronic documents for quicker billing cycle
  • generate, maintain and update collection specific electronic documentation
  • securely view collection data and status 24/7